Knowing when to check public records

There will be a time when you think you need to gather information about someone. In this generation it is hard to trust anybody. It is hard to rely on them to be telling you the truth, especially if you do not know them personally. To accept a person to become part of a business you have to be sure that you are accepting a trustworthy person, so you need to retrieve information about that person.

To be sure that all the information that someone has given you is true and genuine, you have to check his or her public records that are available to the local government. You can browse any database to find the information you’re looking for. However, you need to be sure you are accessing a database that can return the specific type of information you are looking for. They are not all the same.

In home workers

Today it has become a common practice for people to conduct public records searches. This is simply for protection and safety purposes of our family and business. Checking on someone’s criminal background seems to be the most safe way to feel comfortable about a person, because you will get a true and accurate report of anything in their past that could be concerning, or a potential red flag.

There are many types of situations in our every day life when we should be aware if someone crossing our path could be potentially dangerous to us. Having repair men, cleaning people, maids, babysitters, anyone who might work in our home is someone we should think about checking up on. We are vulnerable in the home when no one else can see if someone were to assault us.

Dating situations

Dating situations are also fraught with danger, especially depending on how or where we met the person. Online dating certainly fits this, because they can tell us whatever they want and we have no choice but to take what they say at face value, as the truth. But it may not be. They could be out to gain your trust and actually intend to do harm.

All of these situations are ones in which we should be cautious and consider running an instant national criminal records lookup online before letting our guard down. When there are children in the home, caution is even more necessary.

Where to run a background check

Now that most of the government offices have a website, you can get access to their records if you need information. Usually this is free through most individual government agencies, but their records are going to be only part of their jurisdiction. They will not be inclusive. The best way to run this type of background check is through websites that have a criminal database with public records either on a local, state, or national level, depending on where you feel you need to search.

I suggest running a national search, because just because someone doesn’t have a local record doesn’t mean they might not have one in a another state. People typically move to get away from notoriety when they have committed a crime, or they could be running from the law.


Police Records Are Part Of Public Records
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